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Image by Marina Piano


Parts beauty specialist

Parts and body care considered by manicurists

While we are happy to hear that you are looking forward to your nails due to the many restrictions of the corona virus,

An increasing number of people are suffering from dry and rough hands due to frequent hand care.

ancestorWe want customers like us to enjoy having beautiful nails.

Started development of hand gel with excellent moisturizing power.

MatoU, a parts and body care brand from a nail and eyelash salon, was born.

What we perceive as beautiful, most of which are small collections of beauty.

As a parts beauty specialist, we will propose care that focuses on details.


appeal to the senses

Thoughtful product design

Our aim is parts and body care that fills the sophisticated adult's daily life with a sense of happiness.

I was particular about "easy to incorporate into busy days", "use high-quality materials because they touch the skin every day", and "make you feel rich every time you use it".

Carefully selected raw materials from the unique perspective of the beauty salon that has been accumulated in Ginza, Tokyo, and developed using the latest technology. With a comfortable texture that appeals to the senses and moisturizing ingredients derived from plants,

Keeps your skin fresh and moist.



Japan's unique sense of beauty


to wear. Wear. Wrap it up so that it covers your body. "Wear" in the sense of.

It has a soft impression as if it is filled with air, and is used not only for clothes, but also for various purposes such as "wearing elegance", "wearing fragrance", and "wearing atmosphere". We want to lead you to a beauty that not only cares for your skin, but also envelops you in your sense of beauty, where each and every gesture is dignified and fragrant. With that in mind, we named it MatoU.

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